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Intoxication, Explanation


Intoxication of wine
Recedes after time
Intoxication of love divine
Increases from time to time!

In the ocean of wine divine
Infliction is also wine
and remedy is also wine!

Consolation and infliction
Infliction and consolation
Keep on moving round and round
In the ocean of love divine!


Knowledge comes from within
Lips mutter words
Poets try wording a concept
Word is not knowledge
Knowledge comes from within

Experience comes from within
Experience is knowledge
Beyond word is practice
There is age old saying
Practice brings perfection
Experience comes from within!

Practice is indispensable!
Word without practice
A bird without wings
To reach the destination
Practice is indispensable!

Explanation comes from within!
Perfection leads to Knowledge
Knowledge to experience
And Experience to Explanation!
Supplement words with practice
Explanation comes from within!

Although Knowledge comes from within, it comes through grace of God and Guru. Foundation is grace and point of origin is mind

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