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Lord Buddha’s Expectations

As you can see, soul is also divine entity which is why our eyes are not able to perceive the soul. The only way is to purification of mind.
When God is there “I” is not there
When “I” is there God is not there
Love lane is very narrow
There is no place for two at the same time!
— A saint

Lord Buddha’s Expectations

Lord Buddha wanted to make one of his followers a preacher. Buddha asked him
“What if no one attends your lectures?”
“I will still continue it as service to Lord!”
“What if people use abusive language?”
“I will make use of it to improve my endurance”
“What if people beat you?”
“I”ll be happy that some parts of my body are offered to God in his service”
“What if people kill you?”
“I will still be happy as my life is offered to God in his service”

If no one listens to good preaching, it is not an excuse to stop. One should also realise that in absence of such posts, people will never get to know right practices.

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