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In order to love, one must seek such infinite happiness and then it is very easy to love others as you can distribute free of charge what you have earned.

To love is to give your life to your beloved, which is God. You have only one wish and that wish is to fulfill his wish. Love is the name of giving happiness to others. Therefore Love and happiness do not have existence without one another. Happiness is the base for even love to exist. If there were no infinite happiness, what love would give others? To me love and happiness are happiness itself. Love is the quality that finds happiness in beloved’s happiness. Therefore, there is no cause and effect between love and happiness. Both of them are there since eternity without any cause and will remain till eternity without any cause. That is the definition of word SANATAN. Something, which is in existence since eternity, cannot have any cause.

If we take sufferings as grace of God, they reduce because grace really flows in by our faith in God.

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