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Love: Some points

One more clarification – Love is supreme not only in all emotions but also in all ways to God and it is independent of any other requirement. It does not require any help from meditation, from knowledge, from yoga or from karma. Everyone knows how to love. Just one needs to channel it into realm of God. The object of love has been so for from material world. Just change to God. Nothing more is required to seek God! So easy!

God always love people who are modest and humble!

Asundar Sundar Shekharova
Guneir Vihino Guninam Varova
Dweshi Mayitsyat Karunam Budhriva
Krishnasya Awadya Gatir Mamayam

Beautiful or not beautiful
Virtuous or without any virtues
Hating or loving
Krishna only is my destination!

Another one by Gaurang Mahaprabhu:

Na Dhanan Na Janan Na Sundari
Kavita va Jagadish Kamaye
Mam janmani janmani Jagadishware
Bhawatat Bhkti Raheituki Twayi

No wealth No relation No beautiful girls
No skills I desire O Lord!
Nor I desire to cross Maya
Just I wish life after life, let there be love for you
Without any selfish taint!

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