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Love v/s Lust

Love v/s Lustful Sex

Love and lust are world apart
Love is pleasant, pure sunshine
While Lust is dreaded dark night.
–Gaurang Mahaprabhu (in Sanskrit)

Romance to make beloved happy is love
Romance to satisfy your own sexual urge is lust
Where there is love, there cannot be lust
Where there is lust, there cannot be love
Love is day and Sex is night
When one is present, another is absent.

If you see to it, if you experience receiving love, you do not experience giving love in those moments or you are not engaged in the act of loving. Therefore, receiving love should also be a part of giving love that is, “Because I love you, I want to see you happy and because you are happy in showering love so I am happy in receiving it, to see you happy!”

“What is the problem that we are not able to perceive the infinite exhilaration that exists with God?”” What we get through all kinds of pleasures is momentary ecstasy or satisfaction. It recedes. Not only sex but other material enjoyments are also prohibited for spiritual aspirant. Because mind can engage with only one thing at same point of time. Either this world or God! Not both at the same time!

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