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Why are some people lucky to get Guru?

It is true that in some cases some people do get true saint as a Guru without much effort in the present life. If a person had already searched for Guru in earlier lives or if he had done a lot of Sadhana (spiritual practice) in earlier lives, he is entitled for such meeting in this life. Those who don’t have the bank balance, meaning those who haven’t done enough in this direction, for them it is obvious that they will have to earn spiritual qualification for having Guru. So, efforts to look for genuine saint are required in all the cases. God takes a note of your efforts and marks your destiny for having a meeting with genuine saint in some other life.

Merely having genuine saint as Guru does not solve the problem. Your faith in him counts a lot. It is only if you have faith you will behave according to what saint prescribes. If the prescription is not followed religiously, desired result cannot be seen.

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  1. Service_to_all says:

    I would rather say it is the quest to have a guru rather than luck. One should have the urge, keenness and put in the effort to get the service of a good guru.


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