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Maya – 2

All desires and therefore all emotions are result of Maya. Maya helps mind to create desires so that it is possible for mind to fetch happiness for soul. Well, to know expanse of Maya, the statement “The limit up to which your intellect can understand, is all realm of Maya” would be all right. Maya has been there from the beginning and no one created it, including God. There is an important statement in Gita, “Something, which does not exists, will never come into existence and something, which is existing, will never cease to exists.” God does not create anything new. The sole purpose of Maya is to direct soul towards its aim of seeking divine happiness. Saint also does the same thing. Saint’s way is through teaching while Maya’s way is through punishment. For example, it is only when you suffer pains from some person, you realise that you were on the wrong path.

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  1. Service_to_all says:

    If a human reaches the ultimate and overpowers MAYA and attains the lotus feet of GOD, then the soul is supposed to have attained salvation. If something existing cannot cease to exist, then what happens to this soul?


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