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Busy mind

Busy mind
In your thoughts
Where is place
For sound sleep?
Eyes wait open
For your sight
Where is scope
To shut and rest?
The restlessness
Being without you
The only rest
Is being with you!

After seeing you

There is a Hindi song..

Tum ko dekha to ye khayal Aaya

Jindagi Dhoop tum Ghana Saya!

After seeing you I felt

The world is scorching sun

And you a soothing shadow!

The whole issue

That is the whole issue. Everyone wants to be happy whichever way it is. The problem is people don’t understand how to seek happiness and therefore, adopt sinful ways.

Never-fading happiness is there only with God and to experience such happiness purification of heart is essential.

My contention is the sole motive behind any action is to seek happiness. That does not justify the action itself. Sinful minds can be diverted to God if one knows the real effect of such actions. The objective of The Permanent Solution is to impress the need to seek God.

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