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Namaz -1

People from all faiths worship God in some form or other. All faiths have their own code as how to worship God. Hindus keep on doing Pooja and rituals, visit Kashi and other religious places.
Muslims offer Namaz, keep on visiting Macca Madina, Christens visit church and so on…But there is one question. Does the worshiper ever think whether God happy with the worshiper? For example, if a person is interested in a house we must offer him house and not a car! Do we offer God what He wants? God wants love and we present him everything other than love and shower the love for our relations!

Vo Namaz Bhi Kya
Jisape Khuda Ho Na Phida
Gar Khuda Hota Jo Phida
To Kyu Na Dikhata Apani Ada?

What kind of offering is that Namaz
Which is not heartening to God
If God been pleased by the offering
Wouldn’t you get his look heartening ?

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