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Namaz – 2

What happens when a person sees God? God as you know by now is full of happiness, excitement, beauty, love and so many other qualities! The persons gets so infatuated by his beauty that he does not want separation from God even for a moment! And that taste is such a terrific that it makes the best of this world – beautiful ladies, money, power, skills, fame so sour tasting that the worshiper is not interested to even take a look at them!

Banda JoDekhata Khuda Ki Ada
To Ho Jata Khuda Pe Phida
Nahi Kabhi Koi Aur Cheez Chahata
Ladata Ishka Khuda Se Sada

No sooner worshiper sees God
The same instant he is sold to God
Heart doesn’t wish for anything other than God
Just Always enjoy Love from God

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