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Namaz – 3

What type of love should we develop? We see love in this world which has a lot of ups and downs. That is because our love to anyone is directly proportional to what we get from the person whom we love. Usually the attitude is, if you love, I will love and if you don’t I won’t! We love for our happiness while love to God should be directed to Lord’s happiness!

If Lord approaches a devotee and asks “Tell me what you want? You will get whatever you demand!” The devotee answers, “Do let me know your (God’s) wish. I would like to see you happy forever, because my happiness lies in seeing you smiling”

Ishka Hota Hai Wohi Sachha
Jis Me Hota Hai Vichar Pakka
Khush Hai Gar Khuda Mera
To Hi Khush Hai Ye Dil Mera

Only that love is real
Where there is a firm decision
If My Lord is happy
Then only I am Happy

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