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namaz 4

When there is divine love (Love for Lord)in the heart, heart burns when God is away from the devotee. Devotee endures all separation pangs while Lord flirts with others! If your house is on the fire and a passer by in the night comments, “That’s nice! I can see the path now, otherwise there was so much dark!” What would be your reaction? God keeps on smiling and makes all sorts of gestures which show indifference to the devotee, but devotee is firm on his love!

Mere Dil Me Jo Viraha Jale
Oos Roshani Se Roshan Jo Khuda Hase
To Vo Aag khabi Na Mite
Bhalehi Oos Me Ham Mar Mite

When the fire burns in my heart
Smiles God, By that Lightened heart
Let the light always be in my heart
Though that fire burns my heart!

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