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namaz 6

The devotee is ever ready to give his life to God, Ever ready to go through all sorts of pains without any grumbling! Not the attitude that “How many times you want me to do your work? Shouldn’t you worry about my pains? Why should I suffer all the time? Whatever I do you are never satisfied!” Instead devotee says “It’s my pleasure to offer all my pleasures to you!” The one, who is ever ready to sacrifice all his pleasure infinite times to please God, gets the true and loving relationship and friendship with the eternal generous friend – God.

Jo Mar Mitne Ko Rahate hai Sada Taiyar
Oonase Milata Hai Khuda E Dildar
Bas Mitana Ho Khuda Ke Pyar Me
Na Kisi Aur Khar Ya Pyar Me

Always ready to throw life to God
He gets his beloved none but God
Life must be given in love and to God
And Nowhere else other than God !

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