Our Ability

When we think of God we face another hurdle. Does he exist? We cannot see him. We don’t feel him etc.

The first step would obviously bring some evidence and logic that can establish existence of God and also an explanation to query – Why cannot we observe him and feel him. To do this we need to take review of what we usually do to prove or disprove any entity scientifically. It is the method of experiment and it should be applied to confirm existence of God. It is the method of Believe – Practical – Decision. As to replies to why can’t we see him, feel him; we must try to understand the theory of God-Soul and Maya. Then we should see carefully into the very nature of any individual (which is selfish and nothing is wrong with it) and try to find what everyone in general is after and, therefore, I myself in particular. Further we should be able to find how attainment of God would be useful in achieving individual’s Goal. When you define Goal, you should be careful not to stop at any intermediate stage. You might decide, “My goal is to be a great player”. No! You must try to see what exactly you would want through it. Yes! What I am after is the joy that is associated with various facets of being a great player. So the goal is joy, happiness, excitement, etc.

After this preliminary background, let us focus on

Our Ability: Supposing a child of 5 yr. is told to secure Masters Degree in Law. You would say that it is beyond its capacity. But you find that after 20 years he is successful in his venture. That is ability to achieve may not be present at the present moment, but it can be built. One should take prescribed course of actions for it. Because basic characteristics of souls are same, if one can achieve the capability to experience God, others too can achieve the capability, provided they take steps necessary attain the same capability.

Thus we can conclude that everyone has ability to achieve GOD

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