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Personality types

Personality types suitable for spirituality

1. A class of people does not offer any room for others in their life. They do not allow their possessions to be used by other persons. There is no scope for anyone to interfere in his or her life. So they are closed to both other material persons and spiritual persons. And obviously they can never turn spiritual.

2. Second class of people offers charity to everybody they come across, material and spiritual persons alike. Although they are better than earlier class, still they cannot make substantial spiritual progress because of lack of concentrated efforts.

3. Another class of people is selective. They allow only material persons in their life. And there is no chance of any spiritual upliftment.

4. Fourth class of people is also selective. They allow only spiritual persons to occupy space in their mind. They will listen and get guided only by spiritual persons. These are the ones who advance spiritually.


Vrindavan is capital where Radha rules and Krishna serves, like a purchased slave!

Saints are also angels in human form. Isn’t it?

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