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Conquer everything?

If you leave every thing to God, he can conquer everything for you. If you try to conquer everything, some thing would always be left as every attribute has infinite expanse and there are infinite attributes.


I reside in you
You reside in me
Where is the need for search?
Oh! Search is necessary
Butter resides in milk
Milk resides in butter
But to separate butter from milk
Churning is necessary!
So resides God in our mind
To see him separate in person
Churning of mind is necessary!

Dice of life!

Every one lives life to die! Only few cast dice of their life in the pursuit of God and dye their life with immortal love-dye! Aren’t we, in the process of enjoying the life, inching towards the death? The issue of end of life can never addressed through the materialistic life!

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