We should accept circumstantial evidence, if it is supported by logic. The problem of all means the problem of every individual. What’s the real problem? Real problem is everyone wants to be happy! Spiritualism is then addressing the problem of all irrespective of their class, creed, nation and financial status! Well I don’t deny the need to provide necessary physical assistance for them to survive but that must be regarded as detached activity. You mind must always be absorbed in remembrance of God! Difficult to achieve. But once you master it, infinite excitement is what you experience.
My only concern is if we deny having disease (we are deprived of happiness) that we have; we are the greatest fools! Because in that case you would never try to cure it!

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2 Responses

  1. jmalhotra says:


    is the best solution rather than to give up or feel insecure when u land up in any difficult situation….

  2. ShreeRadha says:

    Welcome ! If you face the problem, you could overcome the problem. If you run away from the problem, problem would overcome you.

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