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Radha n Krishna

Radha n Krishna

If God when alone is so attractive, if he becomes two as he does when he assumes two forms One Krishna and another Radha, one can only think how enjoyable could both of them to others! Therefore, is advised that devotional practice should include both Radha and Krishna.

Lost Freedom!

Love is without language
Though it speaks
Through eye glances!

Glances that are sidelong
Capture the heart for lifelong
No longer one can forget
Closed is the free world gate!

Who will try free whom?
Everyone under the same spell!
Captured mind is also infected
Everyone has accepted
Better always to be captivated!

Easy way

Words without love
A cup without water
Where to quench thirst
Only where there is love!

Through love is way to God
Through words is way to deception!

Name of God with mind in world
Name of God without love
Like a cloud without rain!

To get drenched in love
Go where love rains
In the abode of divine Saints!

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