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Short Poems


Only one sentiment
The sentiment called love
The beloved is vitality of life
And love vitalize the life
You are so vital
For my life my love!

Love flows
Like the river dances
Gripping mind and soul
Without any relief

Even for a second!

Heart cries for you
Tells you through eyes
Inviting you are all my tears!

Where am I heading?
At your total mercy,
You kill or save
I think of you forever!

That is my weakness!
The nonstop flow of your thoughts
Even though I know
You are the one who flirts with all!

Oh! I’m doomed
There is no way out
Just I call you
O! Krishna! Hi! Krishna!

Life and Death in Love

Pleasure in your eyes
Is my life
How do I allow
My life to depart?

Pain in your eyes
Is pain of death for me!
How do I allow

Death of myself?

(I seek your happiness because it is your happiness, which keeps me alive.)

Only that heart can be cheerful, which is absorbed in thoughts of our divine beloved – God!

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