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It should be noted that the information collected through questions should be such that it is usable.


– It can be administered to large groups of individuals.
– It is much less time consuming and is economical.
– A much larger coverage can be made as people in distant places can be reached without much difficulty.
– It is advantageous in a situation where the persons concerned move to far away places. For example, in an enquiry relating to old students of a collage, such a method may be useful as students move out and away after leaving the institution.
– Useful for collection of demographic information, satisfaction levels, and opinions of the program


– The method can be adopted only in case of enlightened and educated people.
– As persons are not approached directly, the proportion of non response is usually much larger. People do not have the time to spare nor are they willing to take the trouble of writing the answers and returning the questionnaire. Sometimes people also do not like to record information in their own handwriting and very often avoid answering delicate questions.

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