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Even ladies of Vrindavan (a village where Krishna lived) tell Lord, “Touch me not!” However, there is no validity in the argument that they propose. Their argument is, “I am from a good family, I am married and I do not indulge in love with a third person who is not my husband. My husband is mine; my children are mine so I love them. I don’t love a stranger!” The reply is, “Krishna is no way stranger to anyone. He resides in every heart! He, therefore, very much yours! Even life of soul is the result of presence of God in the heart. Life comes first then all relations. Since life is also a gift from Krishna, he is our father and mother. Because he does not leave us even for a fraction of a moment, He is our beloved too! Thus, there is no point in giving the argument of “Third person” when it comes to God! That is, one must love him without any hesitation!”

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