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The Permanent Solution – 1 (A philosophical short book)

Dear reader,

This book introduces you to philosophical concepts in a quite entertaining way. Philosophy, as all of us know about it, is an attempt to find meaning of life. Therefore, it is the study of human beings and other living organisms to find out, “Why does, after all, one gets engaged in what he is doing?” and suggest possible means to achieve what one wants to achieve. Although philosophy is usually regarded as a different science from psychology, to me, they are complementary sciences. Since it’s internal desires that make everyone work through out the life, it is obvious that both philosophy and psychology deal with mind. As we are aware ordinary persons cannot see mind and its internals, we need to adopt different approach which involves analysis of external activities to determine objective of the life. If diagnosis is correct, accurate prescription can always be worked out.

I believe this book will render a lot of help in easing out your day to day tensions, once you know the behavioral pattern that you should expect from others. Further, it will lead you towards knowing the ways and means of attaining supreme bliss and help you in actual process, if taken seriously.

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