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The Permanent Solution – 10 (A philosophical short book)

One more is here. There are a husband and a wife. Wife is exceptionally beautiful and has excellent figure. Husband loves his wife in and out. He is sure that his wife is loyal to him. If conditions permit, he wouldn’t want to live without her even for a moment. One day he comes to know that his wife is flirting with one of his friends. He gets disturbed. His love reduces. Another day he receives information that his wife is colluding with her lover to murder him so that both of them can avail his property and live happily together there after . He feels frustrated. In certain circumstances, he might decide to take revenge by killing her or he might divorce her. Let us assume that he decides to kill her. He pulls his revolver from drawer and aims it at his wife with his finger on the trigger. At this very moment, her lover drops in. To save his darling, he fights with her husband.

The object, which is wife, is still the same as she was earlier. There is no change in her beauty. She is equally charming. Her husband can no more derive any delight through her. Her lover finds her most appealing. Husband’s concept of his wife has taken a drastic turn from the best to the worst. Where lies the happiness? In husband’s concept of his wife! Be ready now for a shocking revelation! Happiness does not lie in beauty. Happiness is not an attribute of beautiful objects, but its origin is in your own concept of beautiful objects that such objects bring you happiness. Similarly, happiness is not an attribute of melodious sound or of delicious taste or of gracious perfumes or of sex or of any other such element. It is the creation of mind itself. Do you agree? You should, if you have logical bend of mind.

2. Is there any object through which you can extract same amount of happiness continuously? Of course not! It only means that no mayic object has capacity to satisfy you completely, however coveted the object may be! In whatever large amounts may it be available! The happiness derived through any object gradually diminishes as you continue your association with it. So why not try to seek that happiness which will stay with you forever? You must realize that, “Unless the happiness that lives with you permanently is attained, you can never come to rest. The truth is, your objective has always been to seek such happiness only. You never, never wanted to have the enjoyment that is short-lived. It’s just that because you can not lay your hands on everlasting happiness, you claim you are happy with your lot even though consciously you”re confident that there cannot be any thing like everlasting happiness.”

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