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The Permanent Solution – 11 (A philosophical short book)

There is something more to it. Mind will create desires till you are satisfied forever. Well, if the desire that is created is satisfied, you would want to have more of it, for mind develops attachment to those object which fetch you joy. You”ll take all sorts of pain to seek that object, to preserve that object, to protect that object. The more you receive, the more you desire and the more you become restless, because you have to make more efforts to collect more of it. You get more worried. “What if someone steals it from me?” All sorts of tensions and fears are developed. Sometimes you lose sleep at nights. Your search for potential rival is on. The suspect may be just innocent and he may not be interested in your possession at all. Still you believe you must prevent him getting any further, for it would be a risk to not to take preventive measure! If, in course of time, you fail to fulfill your desire, you become upset, you get exasperated, you are nervous. Let us see where you started and where you ended up.

You wanted to be happy. You ended up in worries, tensions, fears and just little bit of illusive happiness.

Do you think you are really very smart? On the whole, you are loser, for unwanted feelings outscore acceptable ones. And what if there exists God? The punishment, in the form of sufferings of hell and in the form of afflictions in subsequent lives, is yet another gain ! Where do you stand? You must come out of this vicious circle. The more is the delay, the more are the efforts you will need to make to get out of it. It is extremely transparent that there is no escape till one gets out of the grip of mayic pleasure which is devil in disguise.

Yet another query is, “One can accept there is no true happiness in this world, but one must accept that world is full of sorrows, miseries and sufferings.”

It is, therefore, necessary to discuss this topic in depth. Consider another illustration. The players in the act are – husband, wife, son, husband’s friend, house boy and neighbor. All of them have affections to each other. Then comes the news – husband is dead in an accident. Let us note the reactions.

Wife becomes totally nervous. She cannot put up with the news and collapses of fainting. Son starts weeping. Friend feels extremely sad. House boy looks gloomy. Neighbor does remark that it is very bad news, but continues with his routine work as usual.

Now there is another news – husband is alive! It was a case of mistaken identity. Let us note the reactions again.

Wife gets excited. She again cannot put up with the news and becomes unconscious because of unbearable joy. Son sheds tears of happiness. Friend feels extremely happy. House boy looks cheerful. Neighbor remarks that it is very good news and continues with his routine work as usual.

The rule then is, “If you are happy in possession of any mayic object, you’ll be unhappy to the equal extent when you loose the possession of that mayic object. The degree of happiness and unhappiness are exactly same.”

Thus, the origin of misery is again in our concept of assuming happiness in mayic objects or persons.

Constant thinking, on these lines, will reveal the hard facts of the life and will create a firm decision that, “The world is devoid of happiness or misery and no one, no matter whatever efforts one can make in that direction, can love anyone else till the everlasting happiness is attained.” Once you have acquired eternal and infinite happiness, you can think of making others happy with sharing your happiness with them, for you have infinite reservoir of happiness with you which others are trying to seek, but are not yet successful. Well, let us see love relationships.

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