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The Permanent Solution – 12 (A philosophical short book)

You love any person only if you are sure that he or she will bring in happiness to you. Your love for anyone is directly proportional to the amount of happiness that you think you can obtain from the said person, for that matter, even an object. You hate those persons who you think can damage your interest and your hatred for anyone is directly proportional to the amount of damage that you think the said person or object will bring to you. You are neutral to those persons who you think neither bring in happiness to you nor damage your interest. This is evident from both the earlier examples featuring husband and wife.

With the help of unwavering decision that there is neither happiness nor unhappiness in this world, you will succeed in not having any attachment, positive or negative, for any mayic person or object. The reason is attachment stems from conceptualization of happiness in any object and hatred, enmity spring from threat to such conceptualization.

Few more brain teasers on this topic. Creating any desire and fulfilling it is like putting your foot into the mud then washing it by clean water and then thinking, “See how clean is my foot now! It was so dirty few minutes ago!” without realizing that you yourself made it dirty by putting it into the mud. Do you need explanation? Well, it’s given below.

You are sitting comfortably in your drawing room. You think, “I should enjoy some food delicacies.” You approach a shop nearby. Being Sunday the shop is closed. Your urge is strong. You drive to city. Get into good restaurant. Eat food. Come back to house and again sit comfortably in the drawing room. What is the difference between the initial and the final stages? Nothing! Thus you create desire. Take all sorts of pains to fulfill it. Fulfill it ultimately. And feel satisfied all about it. Hadn’t you created desire, there wouldn’t have been any restlessness. In other words, you create restlessness first and pacify it later on.

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