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The Permanent Solution – 14 (A philosophical short book)

The truth is, the enjoyment that any dog derives from eating its food is exactly equal to the enjoyment that a very rich person derives through eating delicacies.

Before you obtain any material object, there are pains in planning and executing that plan. After you obtain the object, there are pains in preserving and protecting the object. If you loose the object, there are pains and only pains.

It is said that the greatest of all is God, but desires stand on top of God. For given chance to them, they will never allow you to get anywhere near God.

Let us check with what makes you to develop friendship with others. It remains that when you are sure you can receive certain amount of happiness from any person, you develop friendship with that person. Well, happiness depends on concepts. Therefore, an interesting finding is you develop friendship with those persons who conceptualize happiness in the similar objects which are of interest to you. To be more critical, you can separate the friendship in two classes. One is friendship at a particular instant and the other is friendship over a period of time. The instantaneous friendship is the liking for any person at that particular instant. The overall friendship is derived from rational thinking of usefulness of a person over a period of time. The instantaneous friendship comes to an end at a particular instant when lines of thinking of two persons do not match. Not only that the friendship ends, but you may develop hatred or dislike for your friend at that particular instant if his or her actions are such that they imply his or her interests to be different from yours. You cannot enjoy friendship with other persons at such moments. What I mean is, at that moment you do not like your friend to be with you because he is not conducive to seeking your happiness. Thus, instantaneous friendship comes to an end although overall friendship can continue.

Since it is impossible for any two person to think alike through out the life, for that matter even for a day, no two persons can remain friends continuously even for a day. It is common experience that our thoughts change continuously. There are times when you think of God. There are times when you think of high values. There are times when you think of enjoying life. And there are times when you get agitated and act in a way which is not permitted by high values. Indian philosophy describes these four level of thinking as Divine, Satwik, Rajas and Tamas. Some of the thinking patterns pertaining to these classes are listed below.

1. Divine thinking :You think of God to be almighty, kind and loving. You worship him and offer him

prayers. You repent for your past sinful acts and resolve non indulgence in such activities in future.

2. Satwik thinking :Your thinking is governed by high ethical values. You get engaged in charity deeds and show altruistic tendencies.

3. Rajas thinking : You desire gratification through legitimate sensual indulgence.

4. Tamas thinking : You plan and execute sinful and criminal acts. You feel lazy or get overpowered by anger and other beastly instincts.

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