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The Permanent Solution – 15 (A philosophical short book)

Out of four states satwik, rajas and tamas are propelled by maya and divine state is propelled by God and his persons – saints. Divine thinking is the best, tamas is the worst and satwik is better than rajas. This is the hierarchy of persons. After knowing the philosophy, you should not be surprised to watch that Godly thinking is placed above all charity and service actions. Godly thinking has capability to relieve a person permanently from all sorts of sufferings without any distinction of any sort, based on religion, nation, caste, creed, financial status, social status and so on. Charity deeds are not capable of relieving beneficiary or benefactor from sufferings of all sorts, for they lack divinity as understood by infinite happiness. Such actions do not help open up your mind towards realization of God, as beneficiary thinks he is receiving material benefit and benefactor thinks he is bestowing material benefit. Therefore, such actions can never bring in eternal and infinite happiness to anyone of them.

So, there are four moods through which person keeps on revolving through out his life- Divine, Satwik, Rajas and Tamas. Yet another factor is surrounding atmosphere. Atmosphere has considerable effect on your thinking. Why there should be difference in thinking of any two persons? The answer is, every individual has passed through innumerable lives and he, in each of his past life, had performed many actions under the influence of many other persons, theories, philosophies. Every action, that is performed, leaves its mark on your mind. This inscription is called as Sanskar in Indian philosophy. The property of such mark is it induces you to get engaged in the same activity because of which the mark is formed. Thinking of every individual is guided by these marks which are inscribed since time infinite. It would mean, if someone is repeatedly engaged in same kind of activity, sanskar or mark pertaining to that kind activity becomes predominant which can be observed as a personality trait. The variation in predominance of any mood can be called degree of particular sanskar to show its strength. The higher is the degree, the more is the stubbornness to get engaged activities related to that sanskar. In other words, the higher is the degree the stronger is the sanskar. On account of variety of sanskars every individual thinks differently than others. Which mood will be dominating depends on type of sanskar active at any moment, its degree and effect of surrounding atmosphere. Changes in active sanskar are brought about by necessity of acquiring happiness by some means or other.

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