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The Permanent Solution – 17 (A philosophical short book)

The detachment, then, is feeling lack of liking and hatred in this world for any object or any person. Persons and objects will still be there. You will be neutral to them. If they exist or not, it doesn’t bother you at all, for you have no interest in them since you have realized that happiness has never been in any object or person however beautiful, enchanting, entertaining it seems to be. It was there in your own thinking that such objects or persons brought you happiness. If this decision is firm, hatred vanishes automatically, for you don’t foresee any threat to incoming happiness since you know that it is not there in the first place.

Following are some examples of detached activities.

You have to attend an interview. You don’t have dress in good condition. So you go to market to buy a dress. There are many shops in the market with various displays of shoes, paintings, furniture and the like. Neither do you get into those shops, nor fight with those shopkeepers on the pretext, “I am looking for a dress and how come you are selling shoes?” You just proceed till you come across the shop that displays garments. You are neutral to all other shops. You are detached from these shops.

In any maternity hospital, duty of nurse is to help deliver child. If child is born dead, it doesn’t affect the nurse. She just informs parent, “I’m sorry. Child is born dead.” If child is in good condition, it still doesn’t affect her. She just informs parents, “Congratulations! You have got a son !” But that is not the case with parents. They feel extremely grieved in first instance and very much delighted in the second one. Nurse is working in detached fashion, parents are not.

Bank cashier counts currency notes and delivers them to customer. He is detached from those notes. His attachment is with those currency notes which are there in his pocket.

You will discover that many of your daily actions are performed with detachment. You”ve attachment only for select few in this world. They are mainly your family members and your friends.

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