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The Permanent Solution – 18 (A philosophical short book)

It seems to be very easy to reach much coveted stage of detached or neutral behavior. In contrast, if you recognize that everyone has infinite history of his own and that everyone is trying to seek the same happiness and that such happiness is not attainable till one acquires art of detached behavior, you will admit it must be extremely difficult to become neutral.

While attempting to become indifferent to mayic persons and objects, the inscriptions or sanskars which are carved onto the mind try to take you towards the mayic personalities and objects since this is what their behavior is. No one denies that constant thinking on material objects and persons to expose their reality which makes you realize that everyone is struggling to get its own happiness and that if someone finds that you can be utilized in acquiring his or her personal happiness, he or she tries to keep cordial relationship with you, will bring in detachment from mayic persons, but only momentarily. In exactly the same way, if you constantly contemplate on the happiness that you get out of material objects of vision, sound, taste, smell and touch to disclose that such happiness is ephemeral and that you will be forced to be after those objects again and again, without any end, thereby implying your becoming prey to the wheel that goes round and round, generating all sorts of undesirable effects in terms of sufferings, tensions, sorrows, fears, you will develop detachment to material objects too, but again momentarily. The reason is force with which sanskars will drive you towards your past habits is many times irresistible.

We have so far observed that, sanskars make mind dirty and they must be wiped out to make the slate clean or to make the heart pure. They get stronger when supplied with same type of material to them. Therefore, first step is to exercise control on all sorts of worldly desires and since mind cannot remain quiet even for a fraction of a second, the second step is to divert all of them into the channel of divine realm. We will discuss this topic in depth little later while describing spiritual exercises. Control and diversion together can bring in desired effect. You can see that without control, mind will always be in the material world and you will never be able to divert it. Similarly, if you lack diversion, control will be ineffective because controlled mind will fall back onto material world to search the happiness.

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