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The Permanent Solution – 19 (A philosophical short book)

To start with, any spiritual aspirant must adopt following steps.

1. You must contemplate regularly and again and again on basic objective of each and every living organism, which is nothing but to seek its own happiness. Therefore, stop thinking that someone from mayic arena can be your well-wisher or can be your friend. Repetitive contemplation is necessary because you, in the absence of adequate defense, would find it difficult to cope up with material attractions.

2. You need to understand that whatever happiness you receive from material objects and persons is short-lived, evanescent and will never make you happy forever and therefore, there is no point in accumulating more and more of any of material objects.

3. The more you allow your senses to indulge in their subjects, the more will be the demand of the senses for the same subject. You must adopt the policy of permitting minimum bare contact with mayic objects and persons which is necessary for subsistence.

4. The philosophy of overcoming senses with supplying them more and more of their objects is a total foolishness. It is not only foolish to provide for uncontrolled desires, but detrimental as well. If you adopt such philosophy, you will be departing from your objective of seeking eternal happiness; you will end up in added woes, sufferings and in more forceful and unsatisfied desires.

5. You will have to take care of your physical requirement of food, water and air, for you can seek happiness if your body is not distracting you from concentrating on God. Such distractions may be possible if you develop bodily disorders, owing to malnourishment of your physique.

6. The world is made available to you not for seeking temporary gratification of your senses through it, but to make use of it to get permanent ecstasy of infinite magnitude. The world is contrivance created for utilization and not for enjoyment.

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