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The Permanent Solution – 20 (A philosophical short book)

By now it should be crystal clear that the feelings related to happiness, sorrow, grief etc. are entirely the creation of mind itself and mind plays pivotal role in controlling your outward visible actions. In fact, any physical action is possible only if the decision to that effect is taken by intellect and then passed on to mind for taking necessary action. It attests to one more important principle of Indian philosophy which states, “Mind is the sole cause of liberating or unleashing the flow of eternal, infinite, divine happiness and of bondage through short-lived, rubbish, ravenous material happiness which always culminates into sufferings, miseries and puts soul into unending, soul-searing cycle of birth and death.”

Therefore, in spiritual realm, your outward actions of any of your physical organs are never taken into account. Action, act, deed or karma is nothing but what you think. Your thinking alone is taken into account while determining your future. The future effects of your actions are outcome of your thinking and of only thinking. Hence thinking and actions are used synonymously at many places in Indian philosophical literature. Your thinking is, thus, capable of fetching you highly sought eternal and infinite happiness.

Thinking has only two categories; one is divine and the other one is material or mayic. Although there are many classes in both of the categories, materialistic or mayic thinking takes you to doom while divine thinking takes you to spiritual realm of infinite exhilaration. Therefore, mayic thinking is not at all acceptable however good it may be. It is in support of yet another principle of Indian philosophy which states, “Any deed, no matter how good it might be with respect to charity, kindness, affection, is a sin if it is devoid of any divinity and the worst seemingly sinful act is a religious deed if mind is totally absorbed in divine thinking.”

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