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The Permanent Solution – 22 (A philosophical short book)

Another way to counter materialistic ego is to realize your exact status in this cosmic system. Where do you stand in the cosmic system which is so gigantic? What is your position in the entire universe which is comprised of huge stars and planets, located at distances which ordinary person, like you and me, can never think of? Where does the solar system stand in the cosmic society? Then the earth? Then your nation, your state, your district, your city, your house and ultimately you? Not even a point on the map of entire universe.

Well, let us see what there is beneath the skin- blood, flesh, partly digested malodorous food stuff, urine, sewage, cough and what not? It’s total garbage neatly packed with the help of bones and skin. What’s so remarkable about it? Do you take pride at the intellect which is so great that, time and again, it could not decide what exactly you are after? Even after infinite lives? It is still getting overwhelmed with little revelations of the capabilities of the natural forces around you, like electricity, power generation, computers and so on, which have diverted your attention from the constructor of the universe itself! Is the mind, which has always been demanding materialistic, rubbish, transient happiness that rolled you through uncountable nerve breaking pains, sufferings, sorrows, births, deaths and many other dreadful experiences, worth mentioning? What exactly are you proud of? After you realize that you are, in fact, a helpless creature, controlled by mayic desires and other natural forces, suffering from innumerable afflictions since time infinite, you will develop much needed humility. Humility doesn’t mean bowing to requests made by each and every other person, but it is proper understanding of your precarious and vulnerable disposition.

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