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The Permanent Solution – 23 (A philosophical short book)

If you boast of scientific progress, please bear in mind that whatever progress mankind has achieved through science, has potential to destroy entire mankind itself ! The use of highly devastating atomic arsenals is, after all, governed by human beings or thinking of the persons who have control over such arsenals. Thinking, therefore, if not controlled well, can spell mass destruction of this living planet. Again, how far has this scientific progress assisted in reducing internal tensions, in getting internal satisfaction, in having peaceful life? The truth is, persons who are more exposed to industrial revolution work under more psychological pressure which is one of the unwelcome feelings! Are you gaining or loosing?

If you have assimilated what has been spelled out so far, you would agree with the philosophical principle which can be stated as, “Lord, when graces someone or showers his compassion which can not be attributed to any reason, takes away all material possessions including wealth, beauty, prestige and relatives .” It is obvious. Sanskars get stronger when supplied with corresponding atmosphere; ego swells with all precious mayic possessions and both of them act directly against acquiring divine happiness. You must think any loss of any of mayic assets as compassion of God. You need to realize that God is rendering his help to you by taking away those objects which will hinder your spiritual progress. Instead, if you keep on thinking the other way around and start blaming God, who does everything just out of his compassion which cannot bear the miserable sight of suffering soul, you should take it for granted that you would continue your calamitous spell of mayic voyage from death to death for time infinite. Until comes the moment of realization that every happening in this universe that affects you in some way or other is planned and executed entirely for your benefit, for there is nothing that God can draw out of tiny soul and of rubbish mayic garbage, you should not expect to move, even an inch forward, in spiritual venture. The total credit for creation of this universe goes solely to Lord’s natural and boundless compassion.

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