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The Permanent Solution – 24 (A philosophical short book)

Well, you might wonder, “Why do we need spiritual guide or teacher or guru to establish contact with God or to seek divine happiness? And who could be such guru?” Our discussion will now be focused on this new topic – Saint or Seer or Sage or Guide or Teacher or Guru or Master or anything else you want to name it.

Guru is the person who is successful in acquiring infinite and eternal happiness. Spiritual or divine happiness, as we all know, can be perceived only through divine mind. God who is divine can be seen only through divine eyes. His divine words can be heard only through divine ear. He can be understood only through divine intellect. He can be touched to only through divine skin. Divine fragrance of his divine body can be smelled only through divine nose. The divine taste of his divine food can only be felt by divine tongue. Guru, thus, is the one who has everything divine – senses, mind, intellect and soul which has always been divine. By divine we mean something that has capability to grasp infinite magnitudes. He, therefore, can read your infinite past actions and sanskars created because of them. Well, let us first see how he helps us.

The very first thing is he tells us that there is something which is beyond human perception and it is the spiritual world of infinite and eternal excitement . He tries to convince us about existence of God and infinite happiness associated with God. He creates confidence in us that one can acquire infinite happiness, provided one goes according to his preaching. Here you need to exercise extreme caution, for accepting someone as saint would mean giving him complete authority to control you. It is as good as putting dyeing patient in the hands of doctor and as you would realize, improper choice would invite disaster. You must check his preaching against classical Indian Philosophical literature, mainly Vedas and Puranas, which detail out various ways of acquiring infinite happiness. Only if you confirm supporting principles for seeking divine happiness to the saint’s preaching, you should accept him as your guru and never otherwise. He should be able to expel all your confusion regarding God, Soul and Maya. Although it is not possible for material intellect to comprehend anything that is divine, at least the decision that one cannot know anything of divine world till one has divine intellect should be infused into your mind. He builds up preliminary ground so that any individual can accept existence of God and start paving his way towards God realization.

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