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The Permanent Solution – 26 (A philosophical short book)

You will observe that if he tells something, it appeals to you with force. The reason is, he puts all his divinity into all of his actions which is what soul is after. You will notice that in his presence your mind shows tendencies towards spiritual thinking and spiritual aspirations. The materialistic losses no more bother you with the same intensity as they used to before. On top of all this, he gives you certain insights of spiritual world through various spiritual experiences.

He struggles with your sanskars. Sanskars, which are of materialistic nature, always oppose any divine attempt. All the divine thinking can be transcribed into your mind only after overcoming these sanskars. The less is the predominance of the sanskars, the less is the opposition to the saint. In other words, the purer is the heart, the greater is the attraction of saint to you. It is, therefore, quite understandable that in life of any saint there are people who are so against him that, if permitted, they would kill him; on the other hand there are people so impressed by him that, on just one order of their master, they would embrace death. When you think of God or any other pure, divine personality like saint, all you do is allow your mind to be controlled by that divine personality. Thus, whether you love him or hate him, you derive benefit from him, albeit the ultimate joy that one would experience after reaching perfection through hatred will be way below the joy that one would experience after reaching perfection through love. Therefore, no saint preaches spiritual practice through hatred to God. It is saint, who actually cleans your mind by wiping out old sanskars till all of them are removed completely. He tells you to get engaged into variety of activities which your past sanskars permit and which are the best to avoid acting them against your divine interest. It is, therefore, said that you must follow his instructions accurately. During the process, you sometimes come across extra tension, extra labor, added pains. All of them are outcome of internal process of purification of heart. The fact is, majority of burden is handled by saint; only little is left to you which you need to bear, for it is your mind that is under going purification process and these hardships cannot be separated from the mind that is under process. When you find it beyond your endurance, sustenance, you deviate from the spiritual path although you were sure, if you had continued with your efforts, you would have been successful in acquiring divine experience. Further, due to materialistic ego which always tries to impute failures to someone else to keep your importance intact, you nevertheless blame saint. You need to develop a lot of endurance if you would want to take up spiritual course. Endurance to sustain lashes to which your ego might be exposed to and endurance to bear physical and psychological strains to which your body and mind will be subjected to. After the mind reaches the state of complete purity, saint transforms it into divine one and then comes the infinite happiness or God to you. It is, therefore, said that all the labor of cleansing is done by saint and God is companion of a person whose heart is already pure.

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