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The Permanent Solution – 27 (A philosophical short book)

Well, the need is felt. How to know that a person is a saint? Few criteria of knowing a saint are already given in earlier paragraph. As mayic senses, mind and intellect can perceive whatever presented to them only in mayic perspective, no one will come to know the divinity associated with saint’s actions before one acquires divine intellect. This is the reason for not realizing God’s divinity in our day to day life even though he is present in each and every smallest particle of every object. The instruments that we possess are incapable of grasping divine God. Therefore, saint, who is totally divine from inside out, will also appear to be an ordinary person lacking any divine implications to us mayic people. His actions, as discussed earlier, are guided by his divine intellect which you would realize is God’s intellect that saint gets after purification of his heart. Divine intellect is capable of grasping infinite magnitudes. Whenever there is a mention of pure heart or pure mind, it should be noted that it refers to pure mind as well as pure intellect. Many times word mind is used to denote mind and intellect collectively, when both of them are considered together without their finer bifurcation. Hence, the argument that you would accept existence of God only after seeing his divine form according to any of your fascinations, can only mean your understanding of basic principles needs further strengthening. Well, we cannot see saint in divine form. There are few important practices that saint doesn’t follow. They are –

1. He never tells you that you would get materialistic possessions by performing so and so rituals.

2. He never tells you that he would cure your physical diseases by divine power.

3. He never performs miracles.

Materialistic gains or losses are governed by everyone’s past actions and no one, including God, can do anything about it till sanskars pertaining to those effects are removed from your mind. Therefore, there cannot be any divine cure for any of the diseases, for God is the only source of all divine powers. Saint, who is well aware of this fact, can never promise anyone of materialistic possession against one’s destiny. Even if we assume saint can confer such grants, he would not do so because you are, as it is, fully immersed into the dirty waters of mayic pleasures and are unable to strive for divine happiness and are suffering from innumerable afflictions and on top of it, if saint confers materialistic gifts, you, instead of getting released, will get more entrapped in siege of devilish mayic pleasures. He is not at all interested in any publicity and therefore, never engages into show of miracles, but he can give insights of spiritual world to those who would further consolidate their faith in God and work with increased vigor towards attainment of divine happiness.

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