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The Permanent Solution – 28 (A philosophical short book)

Few points which would help to know saint’s reality are –

1. Given spiritual atmosphere, the spiritual love that saint possesses gets revealed in the forms of physical states of ecstasy, tears and so on.

2. Your faith in God gets stronger and stronger, day by day.

3. You attachment to worldly objects and persons shows gradual reduction.

4. You develop liking for God and subjects related to God.

5. Your doubts gets settled.

6. You find concentrating on God much easier in his presence than otherwise.

Although whatever is stated above sounds all right, you need to spend some time with any saint. You must follow the spiritual exercises that he wants you to and only then you can decide whether he is a saint or not.

Few things that saint can do are :

1. He can act as a perfectly materialistic person.

2. He may get engaged in such outward actions which pious person would never dream of getting

associated with.

You, therefore, must not go by external appearance of any saint, but you should try to see what there is in his heart through constant association of few days or months with him and try to decide about him.

The code of conduct that you should adopt while dealing with saint is :

1. Give him utmost respect, for he is the one who is constantly striving for your betterment.

2. Never think of him as ordinary mortal person and act in a way that might show even a slightest disrespect to him. It would be automatic if you”ve desire to seek God, as you would know that he is the person who is assisting you in achieving your goal by taking a lot of pains which you will be made aware of only after you will have realized God.

3. You should take all his preaching, orders, requests or anything else you want to call it by with a sense of

his compassionate look at you and with complete faith. As you will admit, you abide by any prescription only if you have faith in the doctor that he will cure you. Please remember that you will remain obliged to him for infinite time, since he is the one thorough whose efforts you will acquire the infinite happiness. If you go against him and think otherwise, there is no other way through which you can achieve your target. The reason being you do not know about your infinite past lives and sanskars created thereof and this is the main cause for keeping you away from God. Therefore, it is said that if you commit offense against God by thinking ill of him, you would get rid of sanskar that made you think against God if you behave according to what saint tells. On the contrary, if you commit offense against saint, there is no one except saint who can tell you how to tackle those sanskars. Thus, God cannot absolve you of this sin of offending any saint.

4. Treat him in a way you would treat the most important and the most precious possession of your life.

5. Always think of his happiness, for his happiness lies in making you happy permanently.

6. Don’t try to emulate any of his actions which are seemingly sinful and which will disturb your concentrating on God. His actions are controlled through divinity and are calculatedly capable of lifting up the soul that is affected by such actions to certain extent from mayic sufferings, while your engagement in such actions, without having any divine powers, is the omen pointing to your disaster, for your mind will demand more and more pleasures through sinful acts. Not only you will have to bear all the effects of such acts, but in addition, you will need to make added efforts to overcome sanskars created by such actions, whenever you will think of seeking infinite happiness in any life in future. Therefore, you should follow only that what saint tells you to follow and not more nor less.

7. You will notice that if you are humble, saint can work with your mind better. Therefore, humility is the best policy while approaching any saint.

8. After knowing that he is well aware of exact status of your mind, only the one who is not interested in acquiring divine happiness can behave with him with duplicity.

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