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The Permanent Solution – 29 (A philosophical short book)

Once you know that the saint is genuine one, rest is very easy. All that you have to do is, to follow his instruction meticulously. Till then what can we do? We can definitely keep on requesting God, “You, who know that I’m ignorant and that I’m not capable enough to judge who is saint and who is not, please introduce me to genuine saint who can guide me and help me to reach you. Although I”ve never thought of you and was always engaged in sinful, lustful activities, I take recourse to your boundless compassion and dare request you to fulfill my wish. You, who are almighty, can certainly do that, can’t you?” Your prayer must reflect your sincere desire and repentance for past sins. Don’t give up. God, time and again, has showered his compassion on many and there is no reason, whatsoever, why you should be an exception.

Let us now see what is available in divine world. Everything in divine world is always infinite and eternal.

1. Mukti : Mukti is freedom from all sorts of materialistic pains, anguish, restlessness. It is very much similar to the deep sleep in which you neither experience thrill nor sorrow. It’s a total peace. The removal of unwanted feelings, which is achieved through mukti, is so gratifying that if any person gets it, he would never come out of it for infinite time. This, in fact, is the result of killing of mind itself. Since soul remains singularly without associated mind, it doesn’t experience any feeling either way. This is the destination of followers of Gyan Marg or Path of Knowledge. It is more commonly known as formless God or abstract from of God.

2. Parmatma : Parmatmic form of God lies in between total abstract form in which gyanis remain absorbed and total concrete form through which devotees get happiness. It is the destination of yogis. Those who follow different yogic methods of purification of heart, always feel the presence of God in their own heart in some form or other. They end up in getting parmatmic form of God as final reward.

3. Bhakti : Bhakti is devotion. Devotion is very much like love, which essentially involves two different personalities altogether. Bhakti is the final destination of followers of bhakti or love. This is the only way where initial and final companion is the same, namely love. Thus, bhakti allows you to have all sorts of relationships with God. Whatever relation you want to assume, you are free to do so. You will agree that romantic relationship is the best, the closest and the most enjoyable.

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