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The Permanent Solution – 3 (A philosophical short book)

There are few philosophers who claim that there are in all five objectives for which an individual lives –

1. Happiness.

2. Life.

3. Knowledge.

4. Freedom.

5. Power.

These are very easy to understand, in that, life points to the will to live. No one wants to die. Knowledge indicates everyone’s curiosity to know more and more about the environment which he is associated with. Freedom is urge to remain free. No one wants to obey others or to remain captive. Power is desire to rule others. All of us feel that others should listen to us and behave as we wish them to.

You will notice that out of these five objectives, life, knowledge, freedom and power are sought so that the first objective, which is happiness, is fulfilled. Happiness reigns supreme. You are interested in life because you think, “If I live more I can enjoy more. Let me sacrifice the current enjoyment that I”ve access to.” But if you are sure that life will never bring you any happiness in future, you end up your life – commit suicide. Again, if you think it is a heroic deed to get killed for some cause, you opt for death rather than for any compromise. Will to live is to seek happiness through life. We are after knowledge, freedom and power till we do not suffer the loss of delight, loss of excitement in seeking them.

Therefore, no one should have any doubt about, “Everyone is only after his own happiness and not else’s through out all his life, through different activities.”

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