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The Permanent Solution – 30 (A philosophical short book)

From point of view of experiencing divine bliss, five relationships with God are described in Classical Indian Philosophical literature for spiritual aspirant seeking infinite happiness through devotion. These relationships are –

1. God is your king and you are one of his subjects.

2. God is your only master and you are his servant.

3. God is your only close friend and you too are his close friend.

4. God is your only son and you are his mother.

5. God is your only fiancé and you are his fiancée.

The first one is subject’s mood, second one is servant’s mood, third one is friend’s mood, forth one is mother’s mood and the last one is romantic mood. Your aim should be devotion through romantic mood which allows you to have divine elixir of the ultimate level.

Spiritual Exercises: You need to practice two types of exercises – one in solitude and the other one during your day to day work since you will have to behave according to what your sanskars dictate. While you are in solitude try to listen to lectures delivered by saint with full concentration. Go through his philosophical writings and contemplate it over and over. Listen to devotional songs and try to meditate on God’s pastimes. Make him as beautiful as you would want him to be. Adorn him with the ornaments and the dresses of your choice. Make him stand or sit in front of you. Ask pardon for past sinful acts of yours. You would appreciate, true repentance is always accompanied with tears. If you lack tears while asking pardon, be sure that you”ve not yet felt guilt for your sins. Curse yourself. What does make you not to accept your past sins? Are you so great that you cannot weep even in front of God? That too for getting pardon for your own sins! Well, sometimes you might take refuge to saying that, “I’m after all mayic soul and I request you to accept me along with my all short comings.” But be sure not to repeat the sinful acts and if you do, don’t leave spiritual exercises, for only through spiritual exercises you would eventually succeed in getting rid of past sinful habits. Remember that unless you overcome your past sinful habits, there will not be real progress in spiritual direction, for your earnings are nullified by your expenses.

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