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The Permanent Solution – 31 (A philosophical short book)

You can adopt any of five moods described earlier. Do not think of God to be the creator of universe or to be all powerful while practicing spiritual exercises through different moods. Devotional practice is, after all, a love affair. Love can exists only if there is not a feeling of awe for other personality. You need to think of him as your king, master, friend, son or beloved. You will never forget that whichever from you visualize him in is divine. It is full of transcendental beauty and transcendental happiness. You will remember that he is present every where. You will also make sure you will not demand anything, right up to mukti, from him. You will think of him and only him. The reason is, if you think of any other personality, your mind will get engaged into materialistic world, which you must avoid, for you very well know that mayic personalities or mayic objects make mind dirty and divine personalities or divine objects make it pure. Most important of all is, you will love him for his happiness and not because you want to get relieved from sufferings, sorrows and worldly pains. This love, which is devoid of any selfish motive including that of acquiring happiness, is usually referred to as selfless love or unselfish love. Even though it is true that no one can think of other’s happiness till attainment of infinite happiness, this type of thinking, after reaching perfection, will put you in highest echelon of spiritual world with the exciting experience of the highest quality. This is accomplished when saint puts the real selfless love into your heart.

All these moods should be adopted through thinking. Subject’s mood is not accepted by many as worth trying because of the remoteness of relationship between King and his subjects. By adopting servant’s mood, you can think God is your master and try to serve him through various ways. Friend’s mood allows you to think he your friend and you do behave with him as the friend, without any connotation of any of his divine powers. Through mother’s mood, you think he is your only dearest child and you must take complete care of your divine child as any mother does. When you switch to romantic mood, he is your only beloved and you are his darling. Sometimes you can think that he is very near to you, that you are having experience of his touch, embrace and so on. Other times you can think he is not paying any attention to you. He has departed you. You long for his beautiful sight with beautiful dresses and ornaments. You languish to see his beautiful eyes with extremely entertaining side long glances. You wish to hear fascinating sound of his divine flute. You want to hear his words which are full of sweetness and affection. But he is not near by. Your desire grows fervent, intense. Because it is not met, you start weeping. Your desire to see him is fervent, yet you tell him, “Although I’m suffering from this unbearable separational fire, you come to me only if you’ll be happy in doing so.” This is the practice of devotion through separation.

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