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The Permanent Solution – 32 (A philosophical short book)

While in solitude, devotional songs pertaining to lord’s costumes, beauty, pastimes help a lot to visualize his existence. Mind, which fails to extract any happiness in earlier stages, needs assistance from outside in the form of devotional songs. You need to sit with alertness, for lazy postures allow mind go out of control. Sankirtan, which essentially involves singing devotional songs together in a group assisted with musical instruments, helps in the best possible way to control the mind and to divert it to divine area.

While performing day to day activities, it may not be possible for you to think of him all the time. You can adopt following practices. Wherever you go , take him with you. Show him each and every of your works. Keeping his picture in some form or other, always helps to crystallize visualization of his form more clearly. When you eat or drink anything, offer him, for he is your beloved and he could also be equally hungry or thirsty. Although your eatables are very simple and they must be like that to exercise control over instincts of taste and to avoid attachment to food stuff, when he eats, try to feed him lavish and extremely delicious food according to any of your fascination. After he finishes his lunch or dinner, you eat the remainder as his gift to you. You can take walk with him every day in the morning, which will help your health as well. So, there are many ways with which you can keep yourself engaged with him. While doing so, you must think that you are a beautiful girl of sixteen years and that Lord is a handsome boy of sixteen years. Don’t forget that both of you have transcendental forms. Lord will appear in the same form in which you want him to be, after purification of heart, accompanied with infinite happiness.

You should spare at least four hours every day for devotional practice in solitude. You can worship Radha and Krishna both or any of them singularly. Radha is spiritual love incarnate and Krishna is spiritual happiness incarnate.

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