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The Permanent Solution – 33 (A philosophical short book) (LAST POST OF THIS SERIES)

Finally some don’ts :

1. Don’t let any one know that you are, now a days, thinking of God. Keep your spiritual practice a total secrete. If anyone points it out, just ignore him or her by telling, “I’m not a person worthy of following any spiritual discipline.”

2. If you will get some spiritual experiences, treat them as top secret. Don’t even dream of telling them to anyone else, even for other’s benefit. The reason is, by telling your spiritual experiences to others, you coddle your ego and thus, start traveling in reverse gear. Another point is, other person may not appreciate what you are talking about and you would get disturbed to see his apathetic gesture. While saint and God find it difficult to convince materialistic persons to give up their ways, you will never meet with any success.

3. All the experiences that you get are through guruji’s grace. Therefore, please remain indebted to him, for he has helped you to come this far. Your guru can render his help to you even if he is sitting on top of mountains of Himalayas. Therefore, be assured that he is always with you anytime, everywhere.

4. Don’t read any materialistic material like news papers, story books and so on. Watching TV and movies is totally out of context. All these type of activities will never allow you to concentrate on God, when you”re alone or otherwise. Instead of God, you will keep on thinking of stars and starlets, players, politicians and so on.

5. Don’t read any material other than which is supplied by your guru or other than that he has asked you to go through, even if such material is related to seeking divine happiness from any other saint or scriptures. The reason is it provides for distraction. Of course, if you are convinced that the person whom you were following to is not a genuine saint, you can read else’s literature to decide about him. Once you decide about any saint as genuine one, please stick to him and don’t associate with any other saint or any other spiritual literature.

6. Don’t scoff at other saints and their philosophies. Just be neutral to them. Take the approach that you don’t know any thing about them and you don’t wish to know any thing about them, for you have discovered that your master is capable of taking you to your ultimate destination of spiritual world of infinite happiness of highest quality.

7. Don’t think any form of God to be inferior to the one which you follow. All forms of God are God himself, in different gestures. Therefore, there is no question of inferiority or superiority among them. It’s just that you are following the one which appeals you most.

8. Don’t ever think that if you change over to Krishna, the one which is your current form of worship will get annoyed and will act against your interests. Krishna , in fact, is your God with more loving and more beautiful complexion and with debonair disposition. It is like a wife who always likes her husband in elegant dresses and admires his elegant styles. In the same way you should not be afraid of changing from any other form of God to Krishna if you wish to taste the excitement of conjugal relationship with supreme personality.

9. Don’t disrespect any other spiritual aspirant.

10. Don’t look down on any other materialistic person, for you don’t know his exact spiritual standing and even if you know about it, please realize that each and every living organism is capable of attaining eternal and infinite happiness, earlier or later.

11. Don’t look at else’s faults and short comings. This cossets your ego. Yet another implication is, you prove that you are still imperfect if you see imperfections in others. A child which is innocent can never know if someone is acting with deceit. The difference in child and you would be that child’s mind is not absorbed in thinking of God, while that of yours is.

12. Don’t get annoyed if your mind repeatedly falls back onto mayic personalities and mayic objects. Try to visualize God wherever your mind goes. May it be the dirtiest place. No person or place can have any existence if God is not present there. Mind, after knowing that it will have to think of God wherever it goes, will eventually stop wandering here and there. Remember that you are away from God because mind wanders. You are trying to get control of your mind through spiritual exercises. Therefore, do anticipate such difficulties and don’t get disheartened. Just keep on trying again and again. Controlling the mind will become easier and easier as you continue with spiritual exercises. You will observe, your visualization is getting clearer and clearer, slowly and slowly. You will need reduced efforts to control your mind. You can attend perfection only through practice. If you leave spiritual practice, where will you end up? In the same materialistic environment, where there is no happiness at all, where you will never be completely satisfied no matter how long you try, where your position is so vulnerable that you get easily over powered by devouring desires which caused the whole disaster. Therefore, you should never abandon spiritual exercises. Just be after it and you will be successful, one day.

Thus, it is very clear that at any moment, either you advance or retreat. If you retreat, you will have to recover the distance whenever you try next. Hence the famous proclamation, “Awake, arise and approach saint immediately. Listen to him, please him through all sorts of services and attain the infinite happiness. And do not stop till you are successful.” Until you come across a genuine saint, it would prove beneficial to regularly revise this philosophy and carry out spiritual exercises mentioned earlier.

NB: This write-up is based on teachings,lectures and books (IN HINDI) of JAGADGURU SHRI KRIPALUJI MAHARAJAJI.

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