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The Permanent Solution – 4 (A philosophical short book)

Therefore, no one should have any doubt about, “Everyone is only after his own happiness and not else’s through out all his life, through different activities.”

In order to reason, “Why everyone should seek happiness and not anything else?” you need introduction to classical Indian Philosophy which states, “God is happiness and happiness is God. Happiness associated with God is Divine Happiness. Two important characteristic of divine happiness are that it is of infinite magnitude and that it never fades. It is eternal.” The philosophy further states, “Every living organism is composed of two sections. One is soul or spirit that is divine in essence; the other one is frame in which soul resides. This frame is made of flesh, bones, bloods and many others. The frame is collectively called as body. Body aims to satisfy soul through all its paraphernalia which consists of intellect to make decisions, mind to create desires and to experience all sorts of feelings including happiness for soul and five senses – eyes for seeing, ears for hearing, tongue for tasting and for speaking, skin for touching and nose for smelling and inhaling. Because soul is divine in essence, it looks for happiness through mind, for divinity is associated with God which is nothing but happiness infinite. While God is infinitely big , soul is an extremely small element having all properties similar to that of God. Although soul is similar to God, it is not God himself. It is neither originated from God nor is the constituent of God. It is a separate entity.”

Thus, if some one acquires this divine happiness, one would stop changing his actions, for you try to change any state only if you are convinced that there isn’t any excitement left in present state and there won’t be any happiness coming in even if you further continued in the same state.

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