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The Permanent Solution – 5 (A philosophical short book)

Before we proceed, we need to establish immortality of soul and God with logical reasoning. Those who have strong faith in God and soul are really blessed, but those who haven’t can definitely come to certain conclusion with the help of some logic, though it is not possible to prove or disprove something which doesn’t fall within the domain of decision maker. For example, we can not decide the depth of sea with a scale of twelve inches, but we can definitely conclude that sea seems to be deeper that twelve inches. Logic is subject of human intellect and God provides necessary capability to intellect to build logic. It is very similar to construction of computer. Computer, as we all know, can perform many tasks, but can never have any feeling. Feeling is subject of mind while computer cannot have mind. Computers know about anything to the extent that human being empowers it to know. The point, I want to make, is God lies outside the domain of intellect and therefore, no logic could be as befitting as one would expect it to be. Yet we need to make some efforts.

Let’s begin.

To establish two main principles of classical Indian Philosophy, we will –

1. Note the observations and make use of some established scientific facts.

2. Build up logic.

3. Check with eye witnesses.


1. There are laws existing in nature – laws that govern movement of object, laws that govern growth and decay, laws that govern creation and destruction, laws of magnetism, laws of gravitation, laws governing many other natural phenomena, laws of chemistry and the like.

2. Other than the objects which are naturally existing, we need someone to create something artificial. The doer or creator is the one who initiates the creation process and monitors it till the output is obtained. In addition to doer, we need five more essential associates. They are will to create, decision to create, knowledge of the creation process, possession of required raw materials and the action of creation.

3. It seems we can not create anything which is not existing, in some form or other, in the nature itself. To be more precise, we can at the most do synthesis of existing materials to form a new one or we can derive many materials from a single source through its decomposition.

4. Energy can neither be created nor be destroyed.

5. Further with interchangeability of mass and energy, we can visualize whatever we come across as the

energy in different forms.

6. All of us are governed by desires that are created in our own mind. Each of us can have different desires. Even desires of one person change from time to time.

7. Biology tells us that body of newborn develops through sex relationships.

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