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The Permanent Solution – 6 (A philosophical short book)


1. Since laws are existing in the nature, someone must have made them and enforced them into action. To enforce those laws say, for example, law of gravitation which tells that there is a force of attraction between any two objects that is directly proportional to their masses and inversely proportional to the square of distance between them, it is essential that the object itself should have knowledge which can be stated as, “Although my distance from object X is more than the distance from object Y, object X has much more mass compared to the object Y and the ratio (m1*m2)/(r*r) tells me that I must approach object X and not object Y.” Apple, in the absence of such knowledge, instead of falling down to earth, would take path to any apple near by and get attached to it and still be in air. It is very well accepted fact in Indian Philosophy which proclaims, “God acquires place in each and every smallest particle of each and every existing object and imparts knowledge to those particles so that the laws are established.”

Hold on! You would ask, “God is happiness. How come happiness can do all such things?” Well, to clarify this doubt, you may be referred to somewhat similar principle from modern science – the law of conversion of energy and mass. The question, whether the happiness which is something abstract, can assume a concrete form or not, can be compared with conversion of energy into mass. The difference is, energy and mass both can be measured as they do fall within the intellect’s domain. But God being beyond the domain of intellect, the exact process of how it is achieved will never be comprehensible to human intellect. God accomplishes all this through one of his powers, known as Maya. Another important distinction is, “Infinity minus infinity is equal to infinity.” Therefore, God, even after occupying each and every smallest particle, can still have distinct appearance.

2. Since nothing can be created without six necessary prerequisite, one can argue that creation of universe can not be consummated in their absence. As we are quite certain that it is impossible for human beings to create such a vast and complex universe – let alone the creation, human beings are finding it difficult to understand its existing structure including its exact size – it could be someone else, who is much more powerful, has created such a neat arrangement with amazing prowess. This must be God and he is expected to be omnipotent.

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