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The Permanent Solution – 7 (A philosophical short book)

3, 4, 5. It is well established fact that everything can be regarded as energy in some form or other owing to the discovery of conversion of energy into mass and the other way around. Along with it, if we consider another principle from thremodynamics which states that energy can neither be created nor be destroyed, what it comes to is God, Soul and Maya, which are in existence, will remain in existence for time infinite and that they must be in existence since time infinite. The question, whether God and soul can change forms from one form to another, cannot be dealt with human intellect because of their divine character, but whatever forms they are in can never be other than divine. That what happens when soul moves from one body to another. It thus essentially remains divine, but its outward look seems to be changing. In the same way God can also assume various forms keeping his divinity intact.

6, 7. Although biology deals with metamorphosis of newborn, it can only tell us about development of newborn that can be observed and recorded. It cannot tell us, ” How exactly desires are created? What is the mechanism to use physical energy according to one’s desire?” Mind is not same as the brain that we possess. All our inputs, which are so well coordinated, indicate that there must be only one central instrument that receives all inputs, may be at the same time, scans them for associated feeling and then passes that feeling on to soul to get judgment whether this is the happiness that soul is looking for. Soul reverts back through intellect, “No, this is not the kind of happiness I am looking for. I need something that is divine , something that is ever lasting.” Mind creates another desire, fulfills it through senses, tries to seek happiness and the cycle continues. Please note if mind were successful in bringing in divine happiness at any moment of past, it would have stopped creating any further desire from that moment onwards. Mind, which is weak, cannot sustain the infinite happiness. Unless mind becomes strong enough to sustain the happiness of infinite magnitude, it can never fetch the divine happiness to soul. The process of cleansing the mind to enable its transformation from weak to strong, from material to divine is known as purification of mind or purification of heart.

Believe it, for your owns sake, that this cycle has no beginning. Since time infinite, intellect, mind and senses are trying to satisfy soul, but without any success! Soul, mind and intellect together form one set. They are inseparable from each other.


To mention some of them, who have experienced this divine bliss, is not at all a tough job. Here is the partial list :

Nanak, Kabir, Tukaram, Tulsi, Sur, Meera, Jesus, Mohammed.

Thus we have established two main principles of Indian Philosophy which are stated below.

1. God, Soul and Maya have no beginning and they will remain in existence for time infinite.

2. Soul, along with its intellect and mind, travels from birth to birth.

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