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The Permanent Solution – 8 (A philosophical short book)

Yes, your question will now be, “What about Darwin’s theory of evolution?”

To consider the theory, let us assume that earth was a firing ball long long ago. All over the earth there was nothing but fire. Slowly it cooled down. While cooling down, circumstances were so created that first living organism came into existence. With the advent of science, it should not be difficult to simulate conditions of high temperature and high pressure. Why can’t anyone create living organism from inanimate substances by simulating such conditions? The trouble is, no one knows what these conditions are that led to creation of first living being. How far can one believe in a claim which is not yet well formulated? The fact is, soul, which is a divine entity and an integral and most important part of any living organism, can never be result of any material process. Even the scientific theory of creation of world is doubtful, for we haven’t yet observed any star giving out its parts which started revolving around it to form a solar system like ours. Don’t you think we should be able to notice such happenings in this vast universe somewhere?

Another logic would be that atmospheric conditions are expected to be stabilized at least by the period when reptiles got evolved, for none of the reptiles can survive in drastic conditions. This leads to another inference that the difference between atmospheric conditions in the assumed period of reptiles and that of mammals is not drastic. Therefore, the process of evolution should not come to halt even today. We must notice at least some cases from reptile class, where newborns show gradual change that will turn them into mammals eventually.

I wonder what Darwin’s reaction would have been to following case study.

A person sets out for a world tour. He visits many countries and collects a lot of information about existing mankind. One of his findings is, color of human beings changes gradually from black to white. He therefore concludes white persons could be thought of evolved from black persons or black persons could be thought of evolved from white persons. He also finds that human beings can be arranged according to their heights, say from two feet to seven feet and therefore the conclusion, “Seven feet persons are evolved from two feet persons, because you can see all intermediate stages.” These all are absurd claims. Just arranging something in some order can never be proof of something which is later in order is evolved from the earlier one in the order. It may be that all of them are created at the same time.

Further, if hydras evolve from amoebas, then amoebas should not be existing at all, for circumstances compelled amoebas to evolve into hydras and all amoebas were subjected to same circumstances! Thus, according to this theory, we should see only human beings on the earth and no one else. All others should be available as fossil records only!

The theory of organic evolution, proposed by Darwin, is thus most ridiculous one.

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