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The Permanent Solution – 9 (A philosophical short book)

Let us dwell upon the mayic or worldly happiness for a while.

1. Is there any object which is liked by all without any exception and with equal degree of excitement in it? It”ll be hard to find such object because everyone of us has different taste. Some love sweets, some do not. Some enjoy wine, some find it nauseating. Some are fond of music, some find it cacophonic.

We must, therefore, realize that happiness is not there in the object, but it has origin in our own concept. It is evident from the fact that despite the object is same, it has different appeal to different persons for simple reason that every mind perceives the object with its own evaluation. As this evaluation varies from person to person, the same object fetches varied amount of joy to different individuals. To some the same object may not be enjoyable at all. Not only that, few of remaining may have strong dislike for the same object. Thus, the mayic pleasures are conceptual or psychological in origin. Mayic happiness is conceptual happiness. Your own concept about any object brings in happiness to you and it is your stupidity that you think the object has capacity to make you happy and therefore, you must be after that object. Thus, you get completely distracted.

Following illustration elaborates it further. A student, who is non-smoker, comes in contact with friends who smoke. One of them offer him smoking stick. Before deciding on to accept the offer, the non-smoker thinks, “Cigarette smoking could be enjoyable. Let me try.” Thus, prior to smoking, he assumes certain amount of happiness in it. He might have thought that the happiness could be derived from style of smoking or that smoking is considered to be adopted by people having modern thinking or owing to any other view point. While smoking, he receives that happiness which he has conceptualized in smoking and naively thinks, “Smoking is really enjoyable!”

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