Truth and faith

Some one told me that he believes in only truth. He believes that object falls towards earth because he observes it to be true. Here is the reply to the query.

You”re perfectly right there. You would want to check it for yourself if some tells you that objects fall in the direction of earth. Similarly if there is any other complicated scientific phenomenon, you’ll again try to confirm it. What procedure would you follow? You WILL first BELIEVE it, then conduct experiment according to the scientific procedure mentioned and THEN ONLY you’ll come to know about truth – say for example whether there are X-rays or not.

In first case (falling object) you hardly need any efforts to observe falling of object towards earth. Nevertheless the process of establishing truth was the same. Believe in the law of gravitation to be true, observe apple falling down, make necessary computations and finally have a faith in the law that the law is really true. In second one (X rays) you need little more efforts. When it comes to God you need still more efforts. Procedure is the same. If scientists decide not to experiment beyond what is true there may not be inventions at all! Usually you propose hypothesis, conduct experiments to judge its potential and accept it as truth or reject it.

In spiritual area other’s experiences are meaningless to you and therefore, you need to take efforts yourself before rejecting existence of God. Again if it is the truth that there is God and if someone does not accept Him, God is not going to vanish. The rules with which He governs will be same for all. Therefore, it is in our own benefit that we should try to judge existence of God ourselves.

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